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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions we get from curious potential clients and folks seeking our services. If your question isn't answered. below, you can always email or call us for answers and more information!

What's the Difference between a Wedding planner and a wedding coordinator?

This is probably the most common question we get! A wedding planner works with you from the moment of hire near the beginning of your wedding planning process all the way through to your big day, and is responsible for assisting you with everything from vendor selection and contacts, theme and color selection, consultation on your venue selection and guest list, and major decisions.

A wedding month-of-coordinator helps you get to the finish line in terms of putting the final pieces of your wedding in place logistically, including scheduling and attending final meetings with vendors, picking up clothing items and decor or flower orders, and finalizing details and confirmation checks with catering and venue professionals. Month-of coordinators do not usually participate in major decisions or the selection and entire coordination of wedding vendors from start to finish. Typically the duties of of a month-of-coordinator include full day-of-coordination.

A wedding day-of-coordinator's duties typically include 1-2 meetings prior to the wedding day. Our wedding coordinator packages include the creation of a day-of timeline and checklist, day-of communication with vendors, set up and take down duties, and occasionally the attendance of the wedding rehearsal for a small extra fee. Wedding coordinators do not typically take part in planning major parts of the wedding day, communicating with other vendors ahead of the day, booking vendors ahead of the wedding day, meeting more than 1 or 2 times prior to the wedding day, or offering professional advice on major aspects of the wedding theme or plans. 

How can we include the values and beliefs that are important to us in a non-religious wedding ceremony?

Religious or specifically spiritual wedding ceremonies do not hold the only potential for a personalized and value-centered wedding ceremony! 

If you and your partner hold a set of commitments and beliefs dear outside of a religious or spiritual context, we've got lots of ways to assist you in making your ceremony encompass all that is important to you! Elements of the ceremony where we can make this happen include: the invocation, where we as your officiant can welcome your friends and family and offer some words to set the tone for the ceremony and what you consider important for them to know about you as a couple and your commitment in marriage; the vows, which can be written to reflect what you believe about marriage and the world, and the specific and unique promises you want to make to each other; music and readings that are important to you and reflect what you hold sacred or special; and a unity symbol or first act that you share with each other in front of or with your guests (like lighting one candle from two, planting a seed, handfasting) that demonstrates to those gathered how you will act in the world together as a married couple. 

This is not an exhaustive list. Let us help you make your ceremony a perfect representation of what you bring to the table as individuals and a couple in marriage. 

Do you also provide services for straight and/or cisgender couples?

Yes! Many of our couples are straight or cisgender folks. We work with couples of all genders and sexual orientations, and there are many reasons straight and cisgender couples benefit from our services over other planners, coordinators, and officiants:

1. We plan, coordinate, and officiate tasteful, fun, beautiful, thoughtful, and exciting weddings, no matter who we are working for!

2. Many couples we work with have one partner who identifies as LGBTQIA+ and another partner who does not. Especially when this happens in a couple who "passes" as hetero-or-cis-normative, our wedding services can assist in making sure that both partners in the couple feel fully seen and validated in their identities.

3. In addition to planning, coordinating, and officiating for LGBTQIA+ couples in celebratory ways, we also specialize in providing these services for straight and cisgender couples who want to make sure that their wedding day is a safe, comfortable, and thoughtful space for all LGBTQIA+ friends and family who will be in attendance. 

Why would someone use your consulting services?

Our consulting services are often our most underused and under-appreciated services. Using our by-the-hour consulting allows you to customize your services package by doing things like: adding a few hours of planning advice to a coordination package; get assistance in planning a wedding ceremony that you'll be having another officiant perform on the day of the wedding; or getting a handful of hours of wedding planning or coordination assistance when you don't need or can't afford to book an entire package. 

Contact us today for more information on how you can use our consulting services!

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