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Since 2016, Maria has been working with couples to bring to life their biggest dreams and deepest commitments to one another in personalized wedding ceremonies. Let us work with you to make this a reality for your big day. If you're seeking vow renewal or a ceremony that also caters to more than two people in a relationship, we've got you covered!

All Wedding Officiating Packages come with:

  • at least one planning session

  • assistance or accompaniment  in obtaining the appropriate paperwork, including the marriage license

  • signing of the marriage license and a legal wedding ceremony

  • assistance or accompaniment in returning the marriage license to the appropriate office

At Pride of Place Weddings, we believe that people of all gender identities and sexual orientations should be able to legally marry the person of their choosing, in an affirming and celebratory ceremony. This is our central commitment. If you are looking for a simple and short legal ceremony to make your commitment to one another legal, we've got you covered. If you are looking for a civil or non-religious/spiritual ceremony that is robust, personalized, and includes all of your commitments and beliefs as a couple, we're here to make that happen. We believe that couples pursuing marriage outside of a religious or spiritual tradition should have access to as complete and significant a wedding as those who have such traditions to draw on or back up their marriage. Let us work with you to put together a ceremony that feels like "you" as a couple. Book a consultation today to discuss rates and details!

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Maria's background in theological education and in planning alternative liturgies for folks outside of traditional religious and spiritual spaces make religious and spiritual LGBTQIA+ wedding ceremonies our tried and true work at Pride of Place Weddings. We will work with you to create a wedding ceremony that highlights the fullness of you as a couple, including any texts, rituals, or elements related to your religious or spiritual beliefs. If you do not have access to a wedding ceremony in the religious or spiritual tradition of your choosing, we are here to craft a ceremony with you that incorporates the most important elements of those traditions to you. If you are part of an affirming tradition, and would like us to work with your own officiant or religious representative to create a ceremony that reflects this important part of your marriage, we are happy to do so. We also have connections with a variety of officiants from different religious and spiritual backgrounds if you have specific needs that might make another officiant a better choice for your ceremony. Let us know how we can work with you to bring your fullest selves forward, including your religious or spiritual beliefs, in your wedding ceremony. Book a consultation today to discuss details and rates.

We know there are so many other ways folks come together to share their love and commit themselves to one another than a formal, legal wedding ceremony. If you are in a polyamorous relationship and would like a ceremony, either non-legal or with a legal marriage component for two of the people involved, we are here to create a meaningful and affirming celebration with you. If you would like to renew your vows from an already legal marriage ceremony, make legal a marriage you have been a part of for years without the paperwork, or have a ceremony and celebration for a wedding that was just a small legal ceremony in the past, we would love to work with you to make these things a reality! Contact us with ideas and to discuss rates and possibilities for alternative ceremonies related to legal marriage ceremonies. 

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